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Updated 17 June 2016

Properties for Sale in the South West of France
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Almost mid-summer and still we have rain each day. Everything is growing (including the grass) and weeds.

So much is going on in the area, each weekend there is something to visit, enjoy and even when the sun comes out, sit at the pavement cafés and watch the world go by.

There are many new changes to how things "work" planned for 2016 and we will endeavour to keep you posted as they come into effect.


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In order to expand our portfolio and meet the needs of clients ouside our area who contact us, we have opened a private sales section. Do take a look to see the latest properties we have added.

We constantly update our site with properties removed when we sell them, or are informed by the owners they have been sold; new properties added as we visit and take them on; price changes as we are notified of them.

It is therefore difficult to explain when clients are convinced that they have seen a property on our site that we know we removed weeks or months previously, that it is down to their browser settings and whether or not the web site is refreshed automatically each time it is opened. It does mean they are a returning visitor to our site which is great for us, but of course, they miss out on all the new property that has come on, or changes that have been made, since their first visit. So for those visitors who are not technophones we suggest you hit the Refresh button ( two green arrows, on your toolbar) each time you visit, just to be sure.


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5 Les Broux, 86400 St. Gaudent, France

0033 (0)5 49 87 07 14


Take a look at our properties for sale in South West France,
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Poitou-Charentes Sunflowers

Property for Sale South West France - Why Buy Here?

Many people choose to buy property in SW France because of its richness in agriculture, diverse countryside and beautiful scenery. However the most unique selling point to British buyers is the climate – it has the second best weather in France after the Côte d'Azur, with summer temperatures averaging between 28 and 33 degrees. Spring arrives earlier than in the UK and summer lingers longer. There are cold snaps, often in late November or early February; however a typical mid-winter day is cool but sunny with blue skies.

There are plenty of low cost airlines flying into the airports Poitiers, Limoges, La Rochelle, Bergerac and Bordeaux which are all within easy driving distance of our properties. Easy access for a weekend trip makes this a popular destination for holiday homes. This also has a huge impact on encouraging holidaymakers to the area for rental property. Families love to move here because they enjoy the richness of life in the countryside along with large gardens and an outdoor lifestyle.

The SW of France refers to the west side south of the Loire valley and consists of three regions – Aquitaine, and Poitou-Charentes. Each of these regions contain different “departments” which are perhaps better known to the buyer and Papillon Properties cover the majority of these – Creuse and Haute Vienne (in the Limousin region) and Deux Sèvres, Vienne, Charente and Charente Maritime (in the Poitou-Charentes region).
The scenery varies from the flat coastal plains – dotted with sunflower fields – to the dramatic hills and valleys of the Limousin. It is mostly true to say that the further inland one goes, the more dramatic the landscape but the higher the rainfall. Between the two extremes of the Charente Maritime and the Limousin the landscape is gently rolling hills and pretty riverside towns with weekly open-air markets. The beaches are generally sandy, with shallow water and are often deserted outside the traditional holiday periods.

Each area has its regional culinary specialities, with colourful markets selling fresh seafood, seasonal fruit and vegetables and local wines. The best local restaurants reflect the region and the seasons. As well as more upmarket establishments, many popular, cheaper places offer a ‘plat du jour' (dish of the day), which is nearly always worth ordering. These types of restaurant tend to be popular with locals and generally include wine in the already reasonable price. Cognac, the well-established Haut Poitou wines and the aperitif Pineau des Charentes all come from our South West region.
We have properties for sale in the four departments of the Poitou-Charentes region, the area of the Limousin around the market town of La Souterraine. Click on the tabs at the top to view.


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